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Cotton Candy Mixer

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When I was a Fashion Angel, we called the mix ‘n’ match posts “Heavenly Hash” (catchy, no?) I couldn’t come up with anything equally cool for Carissa’s Closet so I gave up trying and just went with “Mixer”

CottonCandy MishMash

 I finally found the time to head over to the Cotton Candy Mall and my curiosity sooned turned into a frenzied shopping spree as I ooooohed and ahhhhhed at all the pretties in every shop.

The outfit started with the colorful and cozy crocheted scarf from BettiePage Voyager of BP. I’ve been dressing very neutral or monocromatic lately so I really wanted to kick in some brightness. The Gillian striped socks from Corduroy were the perfect colors to pair with my scarf, and the Amelieish hair from Hiccup was another great find from Cotton Candy Mall. 

So with neck, feet and head covered, I ransacked my inventory for some pieces to coordinate and cover my OTHER body parts. I picked up the Starley II Mini Sweater dress from Last Call a few days ago, and I found that the neutral color saved me from looking like I was in a Rainbow Brite costume, and although the dress came with a few belt options, I found that I really liked the look of a tinted version of the belt that came with the 80’s Child outfit from Veschi. Completing the look are Sleek Laceup Boots in Rose from Shiny Things and Grey Shimmer Tights from Last Call’s Jill ensemble.

Landmarks after the cut


Hiccup, BP, Veschi and Corduroy located @ Cotton Candy Shopping Mall : Russel Bay (127,226, 26)
Last Call @ Dazzle (68, 11, 27)
Shiny Things @ Shiny Falls(173,181,37)


Written by Carissa Crimson

October 26, 2007 at 8:30 pm

Posted in Outfit of the Day

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  1. Aww nice outfit CC! I had a few suggestions for the fashion angels mix ‘n match which didn’t go down so well… bad taste blend, classily confused coterie, totally tangled trends and ummm creatively combined and confused yet cute cuts. Catchy right? Feel free to use one!
    *sniggers and runs off*

    Tiernan Serpentine

    October 27, 2007 at 9:04 am

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