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I mentioned in my last post that I bought another ensemble from LeeZu Baxter’s Revolution Collection. Found at LBD Village

For $1100L, this is what I got. (Prepare to scroll, coz it’s a lot and I’ll have to cut it so I don’t hog the Fashion Planet Feed.)

Prim skirt options: Black and Beige. Black over glitch pants, Beige over a system skirt…
Seen here. *points out how adorable her booty looks in this skirt*
Then the pants…
Adorable sculpty prim slouchy prim attachments. Oh. and did you notice yet that there are two jacket options, and a fab prim scarf? *waits for you to scroll back up and notice the aforementioned jackets and scarf*

I suppose now is a good time for a cut. After the leap you’ll see another skirt option (remember the alpha textured skirt thing I love so much?) and a couple of accents with other pieces that transform the look.

“Punk Skirt”
A great system skirt in a delicate crimson web construction, complete with edgy skull buckled texture belt. One of the best pieces of Lola is the corset which works with all the looks. Simple and a great addition to the staples of my inventory.
Finally I threw on a couple of different scarves (one from Veschi’s Muffin Top dress and the other from /artilleri/), layered the Tomato Ruched Bustier from Savvy under the jacket, and finished with some red accessories (scarlett tights from TaP, Red Paper Lantern earrings from Paper Couture, and bracelets from Amaretto and Ame True).
Call me crazy…but I TOTALLY got my money’s worth.


Written by Carissa Crimson

November 17, 2007 at 5:45 am

Posted in Clothing, Fabulous Find

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  1. Well,i’m glad this issue about Blog Posts is over, cause yesterday i went to Leezu Baxter’s again and bought another Revolution outfit myself(pity we didnt shop together!) and because i know u’re not the person who would be offensive for other people’s budgets, u just wanted to make a point.I wanna add a few things if u dont mind, first it’s been almost a month since the Revolution show and(since i’m someone who shops till she drops)i can tell u i didnt find yet something else dragging me back to buy it so much.Then, the money is really worth the quality and the quantity too (u have almost 10 different outfits with one from Revolution-i do different combinations with Jenfall and Lola and every day my friends tell me-ohh this is new!).Well, finally my point is (and that doesnt reffer to anyone particular) we live in a FREE SL world where the designers are FREE to charge what they want, the clients are FREE to buy what they want and the bloggers are FREE to post what they want…Thanks!

    Chrisy Jewell

    November 17, 2007 at 12:50 pm

  2. Thank you for showing readers that LBD does have wonderful clothes and like the previous comment says…In SL, we are FREE to shop where we want, when we want and buy whatever we want. I work at LBD and love being able to help customers. Thank you for shopping at LeeZu Baxter Designs!!


    November 18, 2007 at 12:39 am

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