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Ode to Sculptie Hat

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Sometimes I go on little shopping missions in SL. They become mini adventures, and I can’t describe the satisfaction I get by tracking down a coveted lil something all on my own. I spent most of my day yesterday trying to find this adorable sculpted knitted hat I spied atop the noggin of the stylish Menno Ophelia, because after slipping into the fun new Skully Knit sweater from /artilleri/ I knew I NEEEEEDED a ski hat to go with it.
Alas, I was unsuccessful and messaged Menno BEGGING for a hint…a nudge…any kind of direction to where I could put my covetous lil mitts on this uber cuteness. Today he replied, with LANDMARK, to Sculpties Up In Here by Tekilah Elytis home of the famed rainbow scripted Crisis Pumps. I shall spare you the details of my bliss as I snatched up the fatty pack of the Handknit Flap Hat in 12 COLORS for only $525L.

Totally a must have to keep my ears toasty this winter. Oh, and here’s the outfit that was incomplete for a day in the absense of the knitted pretty.

The skin I’m wearing is unbelievably a group freebie from Dutch Touch of the new Series2 skin. Sooooooooooo lovely. Join the Dutch Touch group and get yours too!

Hair: Peyton in Blonde by ETD (I had to do some serious prim tucking to get the pieces inside the cap but it turned out great)
Skin: Series2 Group Gift from Dutch Touch
Sweater: Skully Knit Sweater from /artilleri/
Skirt: Jean Skirt in Gray from Armidi
Tights: Veschi Tintable Heavy Knit
Socks: Gray Socks from Duck Nipple
Boots: Ribbon Boots from Shiny Things using the Deep Colors HUD to change the lace color.


Written by Carissa Crimson

December 15, 2007 at 1:01 am

Posted in Clothing, Fabulous Find

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