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Last week I received a syndication request for the Fashion Feed of SL from Cocoro Lemon for her *COCO* Designs update blog. After a quick peek, I was happy to add it, and sent a short note to the very sweet Cocoro telling her how impressed I was with the releases I’d seen.

I’ve been a casualty of an ongoing war between SL and my router’s internal firewall for the past month (which explains to those on my friends list that have seen me fiendishly popping from online to offline for hours at a time) so I hadn’t had the opportunity to visit the shop in world. That all changed this morning when I saw the newest release from *COCO*. A slurl click and teleport later, there I was, and had quite the giggle with super stylish Uma Ceawlin, because we’d run into one another shopping at the same time for the second day in a row. We both agreed amidst our click buying that Cocoro is a designer we’ll be keeping our eyes on.

Below are three of my favorite items from the shop

On the left is the sweet black Mini Dress with ribbon belt. it is sold in versions with blouses underneath, which is what gave me the idea to pair it with the white Pippa jumper top from MichaMi

On the right are the Cropped Pants with exceptional prim legs and detailed texturing, complete with their own included ribbon belt. Over the Carmela Bustier from MichaMi, I threw on another great find from *COCO*, the Fur Bolero.

*note: the cropped pants actually include lower leg prims that increase the length to mid calf, but I realized after taking photos that my boot leg parts removed them. I just view it as a happy accident for discovering another wearing option!

Teleport to *COCO* Designs

Written by Carissa Crimson

December 4, 2008 at 8:58 pm

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