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When you are really close friends with a designer, and you know what a phenomenal person they are, it’s very effortless to project your intense appreciation and love of the person onto what they produce. I think it’s normal to take for granted how much time and love and effort they put into their creations when you see how beautiful they are. It’s only expected that what they pour their heart and soul into something that is just as magnificent…right?

As a prelude, I must unashamedly declare that I love Callie Cline with my whole heart. She is an incredible friend and confidante. The two months that she and I were partnered filled me with immense pride to be in such a treasured position with this amazing girl.

<fast forward> When the Black Swan fashion show opened, I was in a nightmare of trying to gain access to the packed sim with my biffle, Babyhoney Bailey, and Kuja Akina, the innovative and irreverent mastermind behind [the oBscene] skin brand (who happened to be featuring a limited edition skins for the event). After tenacious persistence, when I finally arrived on the sim I was immediately greeted (through raw enthusiastic SHOUT chat no less) a message from sweet Callie Cline “hey lovah!! I’m so glad you made it! YAY!” A shining example of Callie’s exuberance and girlishly sweet attitude toward the SL population.

I gave her smooches as I lag stutter strutted past to get comfy in one of the few empty seats behind her and Shai Delacroix.  I alt-clicked to cam myself to the runway in giddy excitement for the show. The next hour was a blur of gorgeous models, Kuja’s delicious skins, and an array of dresses that I was determined to stuff in my closet as soon as possible. The highlight of the show for me were SySy Chapman’s heavenly gowns and the fantastically jaw dropping creations from my incredibly talented partner.

I’d already seen the short version of the CC labeled “The Divine (the aledia)” when Callie and I were mucking around SL at 3am on a Saturday night (as usual)…but I wasn’t prepared for the stunning full blown design when it came parading down the runway…


The sleeveless bodice adorned with hundreds of hand placed jewel embellishments…the ultra fine overly of the chiffon skirt that teased and played “hide n seek” with the silken and bejeweled layer of the underskirt…

The Master of Ceremonies proceeded to describe the gorgeous dress that owned the runway, and informed us that the jewel decorated layer of the dress was customizable, with the ability to be tinted to transform the bodice from diamond encrusted to sapphire or ruby or emerald, and a special bonus of similarly scripted earrings, broach and bracelet to mix and match precious stones.


I also couldn’t help but smile as the model was retreating backstage, that the optional translucent jacket formed a perfect heart over the back when worn. I was in serious *gasp* mode…

Then came The Divine Double Bubble dress…

an over the top fashion confection featuring the same customizable jeweled bodice of the Aledia, except this ensemble paired a smile inspiring spherical prim concoction Callie appropriately named the “double bubble” skirt. The glow settings of these cheekily glowing prims just screamed that I was watching a “look at me RIGHT NOW!” gown float down the runway.


and when the model turned to make her triumphant exit, I fell in love with the deeply plunging back of “The Divine”. I don’t really get “gaga” alot, but I think when I realized that the fabulous dress I was in awe over was the unassuming handiwork of one of my favorite people in SL, I got a bit of a reality check.

I consider myself blessed to share friendships with such amazing talent that outlets their creative juices to produce skins, hair, shoes, and clothing for us less than capable of creating consumers.

Thank you all. Kuja Akina, Onyx LeShelle, Beauvoir Rousselot, Minnu Palen, Thora Charron, Babyhoney Bailey, Aranel Ah, machang Pinchot, Truth Hawks, Cocoro Lemon, Rosemary Galbraith, and a long list of others…but this post is dedicated to the incredibly sweet, sensitive, loving, generous, encouraging Callie Cline.

You RAWK my lovah and don’t you dare ever ever STOP!


Written by Carissa Crimson

January 11, 2009 at 1:33 am

Posted in Fabulous Find

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  1. wow, if i knew you would write a review this nice i woulda partnered you a long time ago!!! hahaha

    btw, the partnership was pure friendship for all you little buggers who like to start rumors, there were no children conceived and no bf’s dumped, hahaha…

    and carissa’s AMAZING shapes are in my shop proudly taking up her own little room!!!! yay lovah!

    thanks for the sweet write up, now i should do one on your amazing shapes, cuz they rock!



    p.s. did you keep the dog or did i, can’t find him, hahaha, jk.

    callie cline

    January 11, 2009 at 1:47 am

  2. that hair is beatiful can you tell me where is the hair from please?


    February 1, 2009 at 6:26 pm

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