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Skin Review | Cupcakes Daydream

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Last week I received a notice and gift from the Cupcakes group (brainchild of Mimi Coral and Rosemary Galbraith) and I’d been going through a bit of a skin identity crisis. Even after the skin/shape expo, I wasn’t having many skin “zomg” moments. The newest skin release from Cupcakes named Daydream changed that.

There are certain faces on skin that feel comfortable to me. I can do the cutesy Curio faces for a couple of hours, and even enjoy the sweetness of the League Misty skin, but I think I lean toward serious sophisticated faces. When I slipped on the Daydream gift, everything about the face just felt right. Beautiful, thoughtful, and professional.

I was pretty insistent about reviewing these skins, and then a happy accident occurred. A stick of RAM in my laptop bit the dust, so I was pretty much dead in the water from taking and editing photos for a while. I say happy accident because in the meantime, the girls at Cupcakes were working overtime releasing more makeups and skintones (including the completely gorgeous lilac hued NightElf tone).

Enough background. On to photos:

My chosen skin tone showing the entire makeup collection is the Wheat tone. You’ll notice the eyes and lips range from the subtle to the dramatic with a beautiful balance between the two. Each makeup comes with a freckle option as well.


All skin tones. I dare you to try to find a skin tone that doesn’t fit your taste.


What I love about the body:
Cupcakes Wheat Body

1. The shading and highlighting isn’t overpowering. The entire body has a softness that isn’t overworked.
2. The collarbones and clavicles are just perfect. The face, collar area and cleavage are my weakness on skins, mainly because it gets the most camera time
3. By far my favorite feature is the abdomen and navel. It’s toned without too much muscle and the navel is so realistic i Just want to reach out and poke it.
4. The booty is great. There is kind of an odd shading around the top giving the bum an “apple” shape that is taking me a bit of getting used to, but it’s not unattractive…just different.

If you aren’t a Cupcakes group member, I’d highly recommend joining for the $250L join fee. The designers are VERY generous to the group and they’ve been having 100L specials for days on select makeups.

Here’s your Limo to Cupcakes

Written by Carissa Crimson

October 14, 2009 at 12:23 am

Posted in Fabulous Find, Review, Skin

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  1. YES! I love the work of the Cupcakes’ ladies, and Daydream looks lovely on you!!


    October 14, 2009 at 3:43 am

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