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Diesel Works Chaise Photography Prop

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My flirty friend, Rogan Diesel, mastermind behind the Diesel Works animation and pose shop, dropped his newest Chaise Lounger photography prop on me the other day and I’ve had the piccies done for awhile and haven’t had a chance to post about it.

I was a bit overwhelmed at first, five luscious colors to choose from. And then I realized why I was so overwhelmed…typically the best animators in SL aren’t “builders” so props are quite basic most of the time. This chaise is sitting in the formal living room of my skybox, and huffing smugly at the other furniture. The lines of the sculpted prims are perfect and the texture is just…gorgey. The devil is in the details and the clawed and shadowed feet, the softness of the leather, the buttoned upholstery and highlighting boasts haughtily at other furniture…because it is so much more….

Loaded with 25 unique and graceful and flowing and (eep!) sexy poses. I’m a pose snob. I know it. I’m particular. If a pose breaks my avatar mesh, I’m likely to dismiss it. In all there are only 2 poses in the lineup that have slight breaks around the abdomen area of my avatar, but I was able to refocus angles and the breaks are undetected.

Don’t they say a picture is worth a thousand words?


your limo to Diesel Works

Written by Carissa Crimson

November 6, 2009 at 11:22 pm

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