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ATOMIC Skins: Well worth the wait

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When I started this blog post over 4 hours ago, I had so much to say…hopefully I haven’t run out of steam, but if I have, I believe the pictures will bail me out…

I’m a self professed Skin Whore..12 steps worthy. For those of y’all that have been around for a while know how I am about skins. I’m an addict. Mainline me STAT. That being said, I have been wearing ATOMIC skins exclusively for *gasp* THREE WHOLE MONTHS! If you don’t believe me, check my Style posts. When Ivy Graves of ATOMIC sent her VIP group a sneak peak gifty of the new face Baily back in early October, I “rediscovered” ATOMIC skins. I wore the Bailys for a month and then settled comfortably into the Grace Face (gawd I love saying that…it so rolls off the tongue) I’ve had a poster of myself in the Faith skin hanging in the old ATOMIC skin shop for a while (vain? me? naw…) but for some reason I felt comfiest in Grace. It’s not commonly worn on the Grid and it felt, well, ME…

Needless to say I’ve been salivating since early October over the release of Baily and the new makeups for Grace and Faith. I’ve admittedly tried stealth camming over sim lines on multiple occasions to preview the new makeups and attempt a rogue purchase (to no avail). But last night, at midnight, the new Atomic Sim OPENED!! *zomg! spasms! dribbles and faints in appro-po fangirl ecstacy*

I’ve been waiting…in agony…and ! IT WAS SOOO WORTH IT!!! Ivy didn’t just deliver with new makeups for Faith and Grace. There are updates to both the Face and Body. Most notably, she’s exchanged the powdery finish with a more “glowy, glossy” affect. See for yourself with the aforementioned photogs that took me HOURS! (*dies dramatically from all the work*)

First. Let’s look at differences in the faces….

The difference between the “Old” and “New ” faces of Faith is less extreme. The eyebrows are the same, but notice the difference in the cheekbone highlighting and the lip shape….

The differences in the updated Grace Face are a bit more extreme, most notably the eyebrows. Also notice that the lips have gone from a very pretty matte to a gorgeous full shine gloss.

As far as the body is concerned. Ivy has corrected both slight miffs I had with the previous generation of skins. The tummy and the spine. When I say slight miffs, I’m almost overstating, I LOVED the previous skins but was only infrequently annoyed by a couple of issues. The first generation body was near perfection, but I was slightly bothered by the overshading in the abdomen. It was a lil more “gym rat” than I preferred, and the spine was kinda of, erm, bumpy….But NOW? Holy HELL!   Overall, the new generation of Atomic skins have more highlighting and a subtle glow. while the overall shading has been reworked,  and the spine is TOTES PERFECTO!


Now that you’ve seen the differences between the original and new versions…bask in the beauty of the new MAKEUPS!!




Each makeup purchase yields a total of 8 skins….Ivy has added cleavage versions, on top of the usual options of Freckles and “Nude” lips, so you get: Tinted Lips x 4 (fresh complexion, fresh complexion with cleavage, freckles, and freckles with cleavage) and Natural Lips with the same options.

Are you still reading? Jeebus…get your ass over to the new ATOMIC sim. There’s new clothes and shoes and tattoos and all sortsa shizz! Gawd! I didn’t even show you the Baily skin!


Other credits:

Hair: !lamb Witch in Powder
Eyes: Silhouette Mood in Cloudy Seaweed

**one more lil note. I purchased all these skins (yeah  I told you I loved them) and Atomic is using a new vendoring system. I had issues with the delivery of both fatpacks, but IMed Ivy and the customer service is SUPREME. She made it right while they are working out the apparent kinks**

Written by Carissa Crimson

December 13, 2009 at 9:53 pm

Posted in Fabulous Find

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  1. oh look sooo beautiful atomic skins on u! need to check them 😛

    Vega Arida

    December 14, 2009 at 8:08 am

  2. These look great on you. I just discovered them for the first time and I am in love with them. btw…very cool the way you show the old and new….great post and photos!

    Elisabeth Villiers

    December 14, 2009 at 3:31 pm

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