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. ILLUSORY . Opening this Weekend!

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another working title was “The skin we’ve all been chomping at the bit for.”

I’m talking about the skin that many of us have been checking our ATOMIC notices daily for any word of the official release. Ivy Graves teased us with the gorgeous November group gift of .ILLUSORY. skin, that had some of us, especially fellow .ILLUSORY. fangirl, Ashia Edwyn who was photoshopping out the warpaint, anxiously waiting for more. (holy run on sentence batman!)

Thankfully, Ivy gave us a sneak preview of the new skin tones, with a teaser pre-release this month. I was expecting the same ATOMIC skin tones from the previous lines, and I was pleasantly surprised. The new broader range of six skin tones is a completely new skin brand, and while you may recognize some features like the lips, nose and eyebrows from various ATOMIC faces, . ILLUSORY . has been completely reworked. For me, it’s like Ivy took all the best features of her skins and melded them into one super skin. Then she added the most adorable overbite EVAR! I’ve shied away from the toothy lip craze that has cropped up in the past year (honestly because I couldn’t find a “bucky” skin that I was comfortable with…what’s up doc?) The teeth photoshopped onto the . ILLUSORY . lips are subtle. I lubs ❤

Enough babbling..onto pics. Then details about how you can get your hands on these goodies.

Ivy snuck me the Light and Warmth skin tones in two makeup packs.

Illusory skins will be set up alot like Atomic. They will be sold as individual makeups, each makeup with a dark and light brow option and freckles (4 skins)  Buyers will also have the option to buy the set (4 makeups / 16 skins) at a discounted price. In addition to the skins, also includes 4 brow shapers (Flat, Shaped, Pointed, and Arched) to help create the buyers desired brow shape.

Shown here, the Light skin in the Winter makeup options. (the same rosy checks and winter kissed nose I fell in love with earlier this month)
ILLUSORY eyes and Winter Makeups

And below, the Warmth tone in the Stained makeup options.
ILLUSORY Eyes and Stained Makeups
(I know right? I told you the teeth were ADORABLE and subtle!)

If you like the eyes used in the post photos. You can find those at the . ILLUSORY . body shop. Also available, cleavage options ranging from A to C cup.
ILLUSORY cleavage options
*blushes as you watch muh bewbs while I channel Pamela Anderson*

For further details, join the . ILLUSORY . Update Group in world. It’s free to join for a limited time and Ivy will be sending out a notice with a landmark to the new store this weekend when it opens.


Written by Carissa Crimson

December 31, 2010 at 11:35 pm

Posted in Fabulous Find, Review

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