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Happy Crazy Easter!!

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So I log into my alt tonight, and there is my Boot, chillin’ on a pose stand decked out in crazy Easter bunny glory. Since I just posted my Weekly Color Challenge post on my alt, I decided to log into Cari and doll her up for Easter too!

Boot and Cari in festive Easter gear! (I wish you had a better view of his “Easter Basket” *winks*)

Sorry I can’t add the credits for his outfit coz he was lame and took them off before I could get a style card. If you really wanna know where he got what he’s wearing. Just bug Boot Janus in world 🙂

Cari Credits:

Makeup: Koketka Makeup 59
Lashes: Kotetka Lashes v.20
Necklace1: Garage Glamour necklace magenta
Necklace2: Earthstones Easter Egg necklace
Earrings1: Garage Glamour earrings magenta
Earrings2: Earthstones Easter Eggs earrings
Bunny Ears: BR the Bunny Ears Curve Left
Hair: [e] Garden Blonde 01
Shoes: NCore Coquette Glitter Edition Greenish
Socks: BOOM Cuffed Socks lt pink
Dress: Easter Teaser from Boudoir
Hat: Bliss Couture Crowded Bunny Hat
Skin: Filthy Ayla Cream 03
Lips/Teeth: JeSyLiLO D.R.Blue Heather Teeth + Gloss
Liner: IREN Early Morning Liner

Written by Carissa Crimson

April 8, 2012 at 1:11 am

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