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Carissa is a Lazy Bitch! *lulz*

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So I keep putting these outfits together, taking snaps, running them through Photoshop and then posting them on Flickr. I’ve been brushing off the whole blogging step (which is kind of the only reason I even do the whole “put look together, snap pic, photoshop, flickr” routine).

You probably already have purchased this amazing curve hugging, mesh-magic tube dress from *BooM* and if you haven’t…Go NOW! There are so many color options and another dress design without the lace inset. (Yeah, I know how long this has been out, I’m that freakin’ lax in my blogging on Cari!)

I’m still wearing this look in world, so at least I can do full credits. Now that the new Maitreya sunhat/hair combo was released, I wished I’d had that when I snapped this pic. I *did* blog the faboo hat/hair over on my alt, Baby Mixemup.

hat LeLutka BORGHILD hat/wood
lips tSG Baby Lips:Dark Ping
Nails Izzies Classic Nails
Rings Mandala Anuttra Ring set Blue/White, Blue/Turquoise
necklace Mandala Omochi Necklace / aurora
outfit Ricielli Mesh – Papi Jumpsuit/cyan
shoes Baistice Maxine Sandal Brown pyton
hair Truth Mercedes w/Roots oasis


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June 17, 2012 at 6:32 am

. ILLUSORY . Opening this Weekend!

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another working title was “The skin we’ve all been chomping at the bit for.”

I’m talking about the skin that many of us have been checking our ATOMIC notices daily for any word of the official release. Ivy Graves teased us with the gorgeous November group gift of .ILLUSORY. skin, that had some of us, especially fellow .ILLUSORY. fangirl, Ashia Edwyn who was photoshopping out the warpaint, anxiously waiting for more. (holy run on sentence batman!)

Thankfully, Ivy gave us a sneak preview of the new skin tones, with a teaser pre-release this month. I was expecting the same ATOMIC skin tones from the previous lines, and I was pleasantly surprised. The new broader range of six skin tones is a completely new skin brand, and while you may recognize some features like the lips, nose and eyebrows from various ATOMIC faces, . ILLUSORY . has been completely reworked. For me, it’s like Ivy took all the best features of her skins and melded them into one super skin. Then she added the most adorable overbite EVAR! I’ve shied away from the toothy lip craze that has cropped up in the past year (honestly because I couldn’t find a “bucky” skin that I was comfortable with…what’s up doc?) The teeth photoshopped onto the . ILLUSORY . lips are subtle. I lubs ❤

Enough babbling..onto pics. Then details about how you can get your hands on these goodies.

Ivy snuck me the Light and Warmth skin tones in two makeup packs.

Illusory skins will be set up alot like Atomic. They will be sold as individual makeups, each makeup with a dark and light brow option and freckles (4 skins)  Buyers will also have the option to buy the set (4 makeups / 16 skins) at a discounted price. In addition to the skins, also includes 4 brow shapers (Flat, Shaped, Pointed, and Arched) to help create the buyers desired brow shape.

Shown here, the Light skin in the Winter makeup options. (the same rosy checks and winter kissed nose I fell in love with earlier this month)
ILLUSORY eyes and Winter Makeups

And below, the Warmth tone in the Stained makeup options.
ILLUSORY Eyes and Stained Makeups
(I know right? I told you the teeth were ADORABLE and subtle!)

If you like the eyes used in the post photos. You can find those at the . ILLUSORY . body shop. Also available, cleavage options ranging from A to C cup.
ILLUSORY cleavage options
*blushes as you watch muh bewbs while I channel Pamela Anderson*

For further details, join the . ILLUSORY . Update Group in world. It’s free to join for a limited time and Ivy will be sending out a notice with a landmark to the new store this weekend when it opens.

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December 31, 2010 at 11:35 pm

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Audri skins and Lingerie from Hucci

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As promised in my last post I’ve finally found the time to properly feature the newest line of skins from ATOMIC – Audri and I’ve paired it with the amazing new Fishnet Bra and Panty set from HUCCI.


Available in six new makeups, with the unique flair and interesting color combination we’ve all come to expect from ATOMIC skins. Ivy has brought back the lip color technique used in the Faith skins, a solid upper lip and graduated fading of color in the lower lipgloss. Each makeup is also packaged with a nude/natural matte lip and a freckle option.

Notice I’ve included a photo especially for those in SL who just can’t keep their mouths shut. (you know who you are)
Rest assured the Audri skins boast a tongue and lovely set of teeth.

And while we’re on the subject of those who get all up in arms because they expect the watermark overlay on their demo skins to be seamless…

The rest of us, who don’t make a habit of wearing demo skins out in public can sleep peacefully knowing that the legs on Audri, under the demo layer, are flawless. *smiles sweetly*

The shape used for this feature is a new release at Silhouette named Adrian. You can get it HERE

And NOW!! NAKED PIXELS!!! wooooo



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July 30, 2010 at 6:29 pm

Summer of Love Fair

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I’ve finally gotten around to blogging some of the items the very generous designers at the Summer Of Love Fair have sent me. While I couldn’t feature every item, there were a few pieces that came together in some very cute looks that I wanted to share.

In most cases, all of the items featured are available at the fair (excluding the hair).

Le Faun {Pure} includes Hooves, Ears, Tail and Antlers by P E R A *purchased*
Nika Dress (white) by *LP* *purchased*

Mini Skirt outfit by SHUSH
Summer Love Grey top by Holli Pockets
Blues Earrings by glow studios
Sunshine Butterscotch skin by Mynerva
Yay Wedges by HOC Industries *purchased*

The Darkest Summer Dress blue (worn without prim skirt) by Kate Odriscoll
Blues Earrings and Glasses by glow studio
Candy Floss Butterscotch skin by Mynerva

Cayman Sunset Dress by Alexahol
Candy Floss Butterscotch skin by Mynerva (stay tuned for a full review of the SOL Mynerva skins)

Boho Chiffon Jumper black by Indie Rose
Stella2 light skin by Tik Tok

SOL top grey by Berries
legshow skirt dark grey by Berries
Kalista light skin by Rockberry
Summer of Love string lights by SHAG

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July 20, 2010 at 8:31 pm

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The Sweetest Thing

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Being blonde in SL is a funny thing. It’s very limiting especially where skins are concerned. Despite all of the beautiful faces that Belleza has had to offer (especially Jesse), I haven’t been able to indulge because the lightest of the skintones were still a bit too dark to work with my sunny blondes.

Happily, with the release of Alyson I can slip into the Pale skin tone. While admittedly, I’d still love to have an even lighter option, I think I can pull off the summer sun look with the Pale.

Body with a hint of glow and shaded/highlighted in all the right places.

Cleavage Option:

15 Makeup Options (each with hairbase option)

Isn’t this face just the sweetest thing?

A single Alyson skin is priced at 1200L$, a line of four for 2500L$ and finally the fatpack at 7000L$.

Found at Belleza. You can also join the -Belleza- update group for 250$L. There are always previews released to the group, so it’s a great value.

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January 24, 2010 at 8:24 am

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Diesel Works Chaise Photography Prop

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My flirty friend, Rogan Diesel, mastermind behind the Diesel Works animation and pose shop, dropped his newest Chaise Lounger photography prop on me the other day and I’ve had the piccies done for awhile and haven’t had a chance to post about it.

I was a bit overwhelmed at first, five luscious colors to choose from. And then I realized why I was so overwhelmed…typically the best animators in SL aren’t “builders” so props are quite basic most of the time. This chaise is sitting in the formal living room of my skybox, and huffing smugly at the other furniture. The lines of the sculpted prims are perfect and the texture is just…gorgey. The devil is in the details and the clawed and shadowed feet, the softness of the leather, the buttoned upholstery and highlighting boasts haughtily at other furniture…because it is so much more….

Loaded with 25 unique and graceful and flowing and (eep!) sexy poses. I’m a pose snob. I know it. I’m particular. If a pose breaks my avatar mesh, I’m likely to dismiss it. In all there are only 2 poses in the lineup that have slight breaks around the abdomen area of my avatar, but I was able to refocus angles and the breaks are undetected.

Don’t they say a picture is worth a thousand words?


your limo to Diesel Works

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November 6, 2009 at 11:22 pm

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Kalnin’s “Fall” Booties

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Buttery suede booties with impeccable detailing. 11 color options with the possibility of endless combinations (straps, base and upper can be colored separately). Two metal textures. Shiny and Glow On/Off options. Basically amounts to a freakin’ amazing shoe.


TP to Kalnin’s Fashion Footwear

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November 1, 2009 at 10:26 pm

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